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Phone: 203-910-0997
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What Clients Are Saying

Let me begin this review by mentioning that I don't know too many (if any) realtors that would stick by a client for 2+ years and still maintain a smile and level of professionalism that Lori somehow did with us! My wife and I were/are the epitome of "tire-kickers" - we took our sweet time to find a home. As the weeks, months, and years went by, Lori somehow maintained her enthusiasm and eagerness to continue to show us homes all over central CT. She was eternally open and honest with us, and she took the time to get to know my wife and I much so, that before we even saw the house we eventually bought, Lori knew it was "the one". While I/we certainly feel guilty about consuming two years of her life, I feel very lucky that I had Lori as my realtor. Most would've given up on us after the first dozen showings; but Lori stuck with us, and we finally found the perfect home. I can't say enough about her. She's terrific to work with - Lori has a keen ability to understand peoples' wants/desires (which was a huge help when it came to her finding the correct "keywords" to use for the MLS search); and she has great sense of humor which always made our showings fun! Simply a pleasure to work with... At first glance, this glowing review appears to be written by a friend, colleague, or family member of Lori's, but I assure everyone who is reading this; Lori is none of the above to me. I just happened to stumble upon her as a result of a property she had listed on a website a couple years ago. That said/written, I can't speak to her ability to list/sell a home; but if it's anything like her ability, willingness, and eagerness to help buy a home, you can't go wrong with Lori. Just a very positive experience all the way around. Very professional, ambitious, and knowledgeable. This was the first home I've/we've every bought, and Lori basically held our hands from start to finish. She knew her boundaries (although I wish she would've overstepped them occasionally) when it came to advice, but she also knew how to lead me through the overwhelming process of buying a home. My wife and I are probably most thankful for that; as first-time home buying is overwhelming to say the least... Nevertheless, I'm sure Lori's opinion of us isn't as grand as our opinion of her b/c we took our sweet time to find and buy a house... but she really is terrific. If you're looking for a home along the RT 8, I91, or I84 corridors (central CT), you're not going to find a better realtor than Lori. I'm not originally from CT, and I knew very few people in CT when we moved here and began the home-buying process. I feel very lucky that I stumbled upon Lori. It was extremely comforting to know that I had someone in my corner who I could trust... Wish Zillow would offer a 6th star option for realtors like Lori!!

Dave and Basia

Randall F Tuttle

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 Randy Tuttle wrote: Lori Geraci was much more than just a realtor. She was sincere, professional, honest and always there when I had a question. Often she answered the question before I had a chance to ask. Lori was not only there 24/7 she was a true friend who would always go the extra mile. I'm not sure what the highest star rating would be but out of 4 with 4 being the highest Lori is a 5 star realtor and 5 star human being . Randall F. Tuttle

Randall F Tuttle